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Week 9 Clues and Solution.

Once more let us cheer for @JustJimWillDo, who knows more about a horse’s butt than we would care to comment on. This is Jim’s second find, and he is our first Serial Finder.

The gift was hidden between two stones on the rock garden at Linlithgow Avenue, in the Kings’ Domain near the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Marks the spot

And here are the clues, both presented and unseen.

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Week 8 Clues and Solution

Hurray to @JustJimWillDo, whose knowledge of the ancient and arcane Victorian game of Trugo led him to this week’s Hidden Gift.

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week 7 – clues and solution

Congrats to @Cefiar, locator of the Week 7 Hidden Gift! He correctly deduced the location of the gift, which was hidden in the tracks of the History Apparatus in Russell St, Melbourne. The History Apparatus

And now the explanations – and why you all should thank our lucky finder, for saving you from a fate worse than death.
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Information you might want to read.

Keen-eyed followers will have noticed a possible pattern in the placement of the gifts.

You’re right.

On the odd-numbered weeks, the gift will be within the “Hoddle Grid” or very close by, in the area considered to be the Melbourne CBD. This extends up to the flag at Haymarket, along Victoria St up to Spring St, down Brunton to Punt Road, around the Botanic Gardens and then back up St Kilda Rd to the river and along to Spencer St. Put “Melbourne CBD” into Google Maps and you’ll see what we mean.

On the even-numbered weeks, we will venture further afield. So far, we have been to Middle Park, Doncaster and Carlton. Once in every 4 “outside” placements will be Zone 2 (as was Doncaster this time); the other three will be in Zone 1. We won’t head outside Zone 2, so if you were hoping for a gift in Ballarat, learn to live with disappointment.

If you’ve been keeping track, you will realise that next week, Week 7, will be within the CBD. And that’s all the early information you’re getting.

We hope you’re enjoying these treasure hunts. We are certainly enjoying setting them up. We even gave our tame Elves an early mark this week, in celebration of the sixth being found. If you have any feedback or ideas. feel free to email us at, or drop us a tweet at @HiddenGiftMel.

Week 6 Clues and Solution

Congratulations to @Pumpkinetics, (son of @Reynardo, apparently), who found the gift just as we were writing up the day’s clue post. Thank you also for saving us from writing it.

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Week 6 Day 1 Clues

Frozen to death yet?

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Week 5 Clues and Solutions

We have had troubles with our autoposters, and hadn’t put up the last two days Clues, when @Hornmaths made all that unnecessary by finding the Week 5 gift.

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