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Week 13 – Clues and Solution

It’s his fourth time – @JustJimWillDo found the gift on Friday afternoon, and probably deserves a medal for his efforts! It was tucked in a window sill in an alley off Heffernan Street.

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Week 12 – Clues and Solution

Location MapThis week, the Gift was in Burnley, and finding it was a team effort between @Reynardo_Red, @Camachri and @Ian_Periwinkle, (and with some prompting from @JustJimWillDo).  We salute Jim, who knew the hiding place on Day 1 but who deliberately held back to let someone else have a go. This is all about making people feel good – and Jim has just paid us back ten-fold. Many thanks, Jim!

Here’s where the gift was: in the underpass of Burnley St, in Burnley, near Burnley station.

And now, the clues.

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Week 11: Clues and Solutions

Third time lucky finder @JustJimWillDo worked out that the gift was hidden on the banks of the Yarra at Batman Park, and honed in on the precise position this afternoon – well done, sir!

Obviously, we really are going to have to make our clues much more difficult. Although we believe that our friends in Brisbane have had similar issues.

Here it all is.

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Week 10: Official update, City gift

Our apologies – we should have let everyone know that last week’s City gift was actually found by @zteve01, who had tweeted to us, but Twitter mangled the results. Congrats, sir, and we hope you enjoyed every bit of it!

A note about the missing gifts.

While not knowing the fate of our two gifts does frustrate us, (and we had to dissuade the elves from heading out in deerstalkers to go and find them), we hope that they were a happy surprise to whoever found them.

The text in our accompanying notes (as can be verified by our various gift-locators) is this:

You’ve found the Xth Melbourne Hidden Gift! It’s yours, completely gratis, to use as you wish.

We mean it. It belongs to whoever found it.

We only ask that you tweet a picture to @HiddenGiftMel, or email to, if you’d rather remain anonymous. If you’d rather not show your face (or you can’t take pictures), just let us know what is in the picture at the bottom of the page.

It would be nice to know what happened, and who found it, but some people will be worried or won’t care, or maybe don’t even have access to email or Twitter.

Enjoy it, and may it bring a smile to your face and some light to these rather gloomy days

And this is the most important part. We truly hope that the gift brought a smile to their face. Maybe they used it for a treat, or some needed food, or something to make their life less gloomy, even just for an hour or so. Whatever happened, we hope they enjoyed it.

Because that’s why we do this.

Next week we will return to our regular schedule, and the gift will be placed somewhere in the CBD.

Week 10 City gift – Lost in Action. Clues and Solution

Once more the gift itself went missing. The elves were supposed to go out last night and scour the area, but they disappeared whilst muttering something about an “All You Can Eat Buffet at Southland”. It is so hard to get good help these days. We shall send them out on the weekend to double-check the sites, and to place Week 11’s gift.

We must give recognition to @Cefiar, who not only sought fruitlessly with @Hornmaths for the Suburban gift, but who also searched the City hiding site, with no reward for his hard work but our heartfelt thanks.

And here are the clues:

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Week 10 Suburban Gift – Lost in Action (Clues and Solution)

Was someone watching as our elves placed the gift inside its baggie and tucked it in place? Did it blow out in those ridiculous windstorms we had last week (we placed it on Wednesday). So for your edification, here are the clues that led to the place where it was not.

In case you hadn’t worked it out, of the pair of clues every day, the ones starting with S referred to the St Kilda hiding place.

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