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When Dot Became Famous.

Those following the twitter feed will have seen that Dot was interviewed by ABC Melbourne 774 on Monday afternoon, with the story being posted up on Tuesday and the actual interview aired on Tuesday afternoon.

The story is here, and the audio (slightly altered to disguise Dot’s voice) is here.

The elves are currently out hiding next week’s gift.


Week 17 Clues and Solutions.

With the fastest retrieval in the history of the Gift, @ScanAustralia found it on the very first day, tucked under the parapet of the fence around the Angel sculpture in the Birrarung Marr park beside the Yarra.

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Week 16 Clues and Solution

Hooray to @ScanAustralia, who used skills and deduction to locate the gift beside Prahran Markets, which are not where you expect them to be. We believe that this is their first time finding the gift – well done!

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What sort of nutcases would do a thing like this?

It’s getting late on a Tuesday afternoon, and you’re probably finishing up work and thinking of leaving for home. Meanwhile, we’re madly hitting “refresh” on our Twitter notifications, wondering if someone has worked out our clues and picked up the gift yet. We’re agonising that we might have made them too hard this week, and at the same time we wonder if certain people have once more deciphered the clues in a flash and are just waiting for the right moment to go and get it. And we worry that the gift might have been picked up by someone who had just casually noticed it, and who hasn’t let us know.

Who are we and why do we do this? Some answers lie beneath.

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Week 15 Clues and Solution

A cheer to @Cefiar who, after a fruitless search yesterday, honed in to the gift today and found it just after the 12 noon clue. It was hidden behind a drainpipe on the front entrance of the old High Court building at 450 Little Bourke St.

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Where is the CBD?

CBD map The elves came in this morning, arguing and bickering about where exactly the Melbourne CBD boundaries fell. Some thought the Melbourne Museum fell within the boundaries, some were arguing for the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Dot was adamant that State Parliament was outside the boundaries.

So to pacify her (and to give everyone a fair chance), here is the map of where we consider the boundaries of the Melbourne CBD to lie.

The Cricket Ground is past the boundary, as is State Parliament and the Museum, but Rod Laver arena and AAMI Park are both part of the CBD. (AAMI Park is the picture for our header). Spencer Street Station is just outside, but the edge of Albert Park is.

Dot sat down with the elves and they think they know where they’re hiding the gift for next week. We hope this helps you too.

Week 14 – Clues and Solution

It looks like there’s some teams forming up to find the Hidden Gift. This week’s was found by the combined efforts (again) of @Camachri, @Ian_Periwinkle and @Reynardo_Red.

They also went and collected a note that @JustJimWillDo had left for the elves at a previous Hidden Gift site.

The gift was located in Travancore, north of Racecourse Road and not far from the sculptures known as “Jeff and his Members”, aka “The Cheesestick”, aka “Jeff’s Erection”, etc.

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