Week 21 Clues and Solution

Another fast find by @zsteve01, who located the gift today tucked behind a drainpipe at the St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. This is his second find, and we’re delighted for him!

Clue 0: The elves are bouncing around a bit. They say they’ve hidden next week’s gift somewhere with a heart. Hope it’s not the National Museum! The cathedral has a large sign outside asking Melbourne to fully welcome refugees and asylum seekers. The elves totally agree with this sentiment. The heart at the National Museum in Canberra is Phar Lap’s.

Clue 1:  Finely tuned since 1836. The first services were held at this site in 1836.

Clue 2: Day one teaser

What is referred to now as the traditional non-helpful placement picture clue. This is the sandstone wall of the cathedral, and the drainpipe where the gift has been hidden.

Clue 3:
“Chapter 24” from the first Pink Floyd album “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”. The place where the gift was hidden was beside “Chapter House Lane”. @zsteve01 thought it might refer to a place of worship – we didn’t plan it that way, but it certainly sent him in the right direction.

Clue 4: 55 years old before it was done. Building started on the cathedral in 1880, and the spires were not finished until 1935.

At this point, the gift was found. The elves are just going to have to try harder to think up cryptic clues.

The other clues that were ready to go were:

Clue 5: A change to see sharply! The bells in the cathedral have a ring of 12 bells that can ring changes in the key of C#. (Was that a groan we heard?)

Clue 6:
Incy Wincy Spider as sung by the Wiggles. The gift was hidden behind a drainpipe.

Clue 7:  Pic clue day 2

This is a piece of graffiti on the wall near the drainpipe.

Clue 8: More corn than a Dad joke.  The location was a Corn Market from 1836 to 1848.

Clue 9: εὐχαριστία. This is the Greek for “Eucharist”. The clue would have been at 9am Wednesday, when the morning mid-week Eucharist service is run.

Clue 10:
Chapterhouse: Breather. The gift was beside Chapter House Lane.

Clue 11: Below a fluffy chocolate bar. The song “Under the Milky Way Tonight” is by the Church.

Clue 12Map day 3

The map to try and cut down your searching area.

Clue 13: Terry, Oakden, Reed, Barr and Butterfield. All people involved in the design and building of the cathedral.

Clue 14: Pic clue day 3

This was on the drainpipe.

Next week we’re back into Zone 1 – keep an eye out as the elves may well be in your area.


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