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Week 26 CBD – Clues and Solutions.

Dot sent us all on the “Advanced Tradecraft Course” from notes she copied from MI6 and ASIO, so we think we’re better now at gift hiding. This week’s CBD gift was hidden at the end of Heape Court, a small Melbourne lane that runs off Little Lonsdale Street.

And this week’s lucky finder was @Zsteve01, for whom this is his third. Well done, sir!  Read More…


Week 26 Zone 1 – Clues and Solutions

The ever-wonderful @Subsequent agreed to be the Zone 1 elf, and hid the gift in the border garden to the Fairies Tree in the Fitzroy Gardens. Dot arranged a hand-over by giving @Subsequent her very own little hunt, and then @Subsequent sent through a file of pictures and clues, some of which had Dot dancing in delight at their interesting and trivia-ful nature.

And then @crennsmind used his powers of deduction, and located the gift on the Wednesday evening. This is his second successful gift finding.

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Week 25 – Where the gift should have been.

Once more the gift has gone missing, and we’re grumbling a bit. It was hidden in the garden frontage of the original entrance of the William Angliss Institute in La Trobe St, between King St and Spencer St. We think it may have been revealed by some of the wild rains on the weekend, and then found by a passer-by.

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Thoughts and considerations about the missing gifts.

It is frustrating when a gift goes missing. We feel rotten for all of the loyal Gift Hunters out there who were sifting through the clues and slowly pinpointing the location. We feel worse when, like today, one of our followers went to the place and found … nothing. And we feel a little miffed ourselves, to be honest, because we love the thrill of the chase and the joy of seeing our noble followers solve the clues and find the gift.

We’re going to add a note to our letters so that if people do find it, they at least let us know and don’t feel too guilty about it.

And, as the last two gifts were in fairly public places, we’re going to ask Dot and her team to choose less conspicuous hiding places for a while. We think that someone may have seen Dot casually sitting on the fence and calmly slipping the gift into the garden bed. There wasn’t as much mulch to move as she thought, and it’s quite possible that someone else was there afterwards, having a quiet smoke outside the Food School, when they spotted the bag.

Never mind. Next week is our 26th week, our six month anniversary, and thus going to have 2 gifts – one CBD and one Zone 1. With any luck, both of these will stay in place until they’re found by one of our followers.

Week 24 – Clues and solutions

We decided to run Week 24’s hunt early, because we had found out that the place where we had hidden the gift was about to be Santa’s Kingdom, and would thus be very, very busy. With her knowledge of the area, @Hornmaths located the gift tucked beside a brick fence pillar beside Caulfield racecourse!

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Week 23 – Where the Gift was Supposed to Be.

The gift was hidden under the little ramp where the Hire Bicycles are locked, on the south side of Collins Street between Market and William.

This is only the third gift we’ve lost, but we’re rather sad about it. Nevertheless, we still hope that whoever found it realised what they’d found, and enjoyed it. We compared the two pictures, and realised that the shot the elves took today was, as well as being bereft of gift, was also lacking in fluffy tree-litter. Our conclusion is that a cleaning crew removed the fluff, and also the gift.

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Week 22 Clues and Solution

Through careful clue checking and some thorough searching, @Ian_Periwinkle found the Hidden Gift at the base of the cannon in Queens Park, Moonee Ponds.

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How Dot won a grant

The Awesome Foundation give out $1000 a month to projects they think are deserving. Their charter states that they love “Innovative, exciting and unusual ideas”, “Ideas that have the potential to go far”, and “Ideas filled with passion and purpose”, and they’d messaged us some months ago to suggest that we might want to apply. We held back until we were certain we wanted to keep going, because a $1000 grant is one that would last us a very long time.

And that’s exactly what happened. Once Dot was on the radio, we thought it was time to apply. And last week, the lovely Tamsien West rang Dot to let us know that we’d been chosen for October!

We’re using the money to keep the gift going for at least a year. $1000 funds us for about 40 weeks (with the extras we hide on the weeks that are multiples of 10), plus some of our printing and Myki expenses, and we’re quite happy to cover the rest of the year ourselves.

So thank you very much to the Awesome Foundation for their very generous support for the Gift!

There will be a photo in the next few weeks of Dot accepting the giant Cheque. It’s bigger than she is!

Although it seems that Dot now has a taste for expensive hats. This could be a problem…