How Dot won a grant

The Awesome Foundation give out $1000 a month to projects they think are deserving. Their charter states that they love “Innovative, exciting and unusual ideas”, “Ideas that have the potential to go far”, and “Ideas filled with passion and purpose”, and they’d messaged us some months ago to suggest that we might want to apply. We held back until we were certain we wanted to keep going, because a $1000 grant is one that would last us a very long time.

And that’s exactly what happened. Once Dot was on the radio, we thought it was time to apply. And last week, the lovely Tamsien West rang Dot to let us know that we’d been chosen for October!

We’re using the money to keep the gift going for at least a year. $1000 funds us for about 40 weeks (with the extras we hide on the weeks that are multiples of 10), plus some of our printing and Myki expenses, and we’re quite happy to cover the rest of the year ourselves.

So thank you very much to the Awesome Foundation for their very generous support for the Gift!

There will be a photo in the next few weeks of Dot accepting the giant Cheque. It’s bigger than she is!

Although it seems that Dot now has a taste for expensive hats. This could be a problem…



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