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Where is Zone 1?

We’ve had our CBD map up for quite a while, but Dot thought we had better start the new year with a nice clean Zone 1 map.

The trouble is the accuracy we can achieve. We’ve circled the Zone 1 limit stations, and blocked out the CBD (although Dot says our colouring-in needs work). But at least now you’ll have an idea of where the edges of Zone 1 lie.

As a bonus extra, we’ve marked in where the gifts were hidden for all the Zone 1 hiding places, as well as the first Zone 2 point. Again, they’re approximate, but you should be able to work them out better from the Clues and Solutions posts.

So without further ado, here is the Zone 1 map. Don’t rely on it for your Myki use, but you should be able to work out at least where the gift isn’t.

And next week is Zone 1 – good luck!

Zone 1 for publication


Week 31 – Clues and Solution

Following some helpful information from @pelagikat, the intrepid @zteve01 found the gift down an alleyway off McKillop St, which runs between Bourke and Little Collins St to the west of Elizabeth.

Collaboration with @ShortBlokeJosh led us to realise that a hashtag for our clues would be a good idea. All clues from this week are marked with the hashtag #HGMClue, making it a lot easier to track the clues, (especially on a Monday when we do all our publicity tweets as well).

So – on to the information.

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Week 30 Gift CBD Clues and Solutions.

The CBD Gift hiding place was courtesy of @CairnsRachel, who also provided most of the clues. We still haven’t forgiven her for the Wednesday music one.

It was found by the combined talents of @Crennsmind, @Roxyshadowpaw and @Camachri!

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Week 30 Zone 1 Gift – Clues and Solution

Well done once more to the team of @cefiar and @pelagikat who worked out that the Zone 1 gift was hidden under a bench near Station Pier at Port Melbourne.

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Week 29 Clues, Questions and Solutions.

The Gift went with a different format this week. One clue was provided at 9am, then people could ask Yes/No questions to try and narrow down the location. Question times were 11am, 1pm and 3pm, with a summary at the end of each day.

Some very canny questions by our followers meant the Gift was found by @ShortBlokeJosh just after the 3pm question on Tuesday.

While this makes for a very easy summary page, it did have its own challenges as the clues came in. Who would have thought Melbourne had so many alleyways! Oh… wait…

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Week 29 Day 1 – Clues and Questions

It’s been a fun day with a different feel to it. The gift is in the CBD, and after the 9am clue, followers may ask questions at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. They have one hour to ask, and if no-one does, Dot picks a question from those that missed the deadlines earlier.

Here are the first day’s clues and questions.

Clue 1: Day 1 UCLP

The usual useless location clue. We think you’d have a problem narrowing it down without this. Dot double-checked earlier today, and it was still there, but we would suggest people be careful as it’s a bit smelly in the area.

Question 1: From @KevieD – Is the gift in an alleyway? NO! (And you have no idea how difficult it was to block out all the alleyways and laneways on the map! Open footpaths, courtyards and garden paths are all still valid.)

Question 2: From @Cefiar and @fpvs – Is it north of Bourke St? YES!

Question 3: From @SirGazzatron Is the gift on a “Royal” street? NO! (We included all those named after Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, but we didn’t eliminate Earls, Barons or Usurpers)

Both @fpvs and @SirGazzatron just missed being the first one to ask their question at the set times, but a) @Cefiar asked the same question as @fpvs and b) No-one asked a question after 3pm and before the deadline, so @SirGazzatron’s question was used.
Week 29 Day 1 summary
Here is the map of the still-valid areas. If it’s been coloured blue, then the gift isn’t there.

There will be a new clue at 9am tomorrow, and then three more times to ask questions.

Good luck, everyone!

Week 28 – Clues and Solutions.

It was a close race this week, but @SirGazzatron and @Meaghan_barone just beat @Reynardo_Red to the Gift, which was hidden behind a planter trough at Sparta Place, Brunswick

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Week 28 – Midweek update

As requested, here is a summary of all the clues, plus answers to any questions that were asked. Remember it’s Zone 1 this week.  Good luck with hunting!

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Week 27 – Clues and Solutions

Gift-Hunter @SamStreetr used her skills at deduction to locate the gift, which was hidden in one of the Speakers’ Mounds in Speakers’ Corner, beside the Yarra.

Sam S Speaker Mound  Here’s a picture of the actual mound, courtesy of @SamStreetr.

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