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Week 35 Australia Day Gift – Clues and Solutions

The gift was located by @KevieD after much hard searching and legwork. It was tucked behind an I beam in Francis St, which lies north of and parallel to Collins St, between Spencer and King Streets.

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Week 35 Survival Day Gift – Clues and Solution

Dot is cheering for @Trevorjamesdean who took an early morning bicycle ride and followed his instincts to the Gift. It was hidden beside the fence at the back of the Albert Cricket Ground, on Queens Road.

We’d like to thank the staff at the Koorie Heritage Trust who helped us with our clues, checked to make sure they were culturally appropriate, and gave us some wonderful tips and ideas about Eddie Gilbert in particular.

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Week 34 – Clues and Solutions.

With the speed and accuracy that comes of teamwork, @SamStreetr collaborated with @Sarah_McAwesome and @KevieD to locate the gift in Batman Park, Northcote.

We’d like to especially acknowledge that @KevieD had worked the location out, but was hanging back as he wanted to give the others a fair chance. We knew all of our followers were lovely, and this proves it! Read More…

Which two gifts have been the closest so far?

From a question by @JustJimWillDo, we were challenged to neglect our real work, and calculate which were the two gifts that were closest together. As it happens, we recently set up a new, larger CBD map, and it was the work of an hour to make sure all the gift points were marked and the distances measured.

A quick glance at the Zone 1 map will show you that the two closest gifts are the Week 20 Zone 1 at the Great Petition, and the Week 26 Zone 1 in the Fitzroy Gardens. They’re about 400m apart.

To our surprise, the two closest gifts are gifts 3 and 20, which were in the northern end of the CBD area and in or near the Queen Victoria Markets. According to our calculations, they were located a mere 150m apart.  We measured quite a few, and here are the results.

Gift numbers  

5 and 13 are 220m apart
13 and 29 are 200m
7 and 13 are 180m
3 and 20 are 160m
23 and 30 are 280m

The ones that @JustJimWillDo wondered about, those in the Chinese Tianjin Gardens (Gift 10) and the Great Petition (Gift 20 Zone 1) were 440m apart. We can understand that he has a personal interest in one of these.

Admittedly, we measured these in straight lines, so walking between the gifts would take a lot longer.

We’ve included the new, large CBD map under the cut, and you’re welcome to peruse it for information. It has a full list of all the CBD gifts found so far. And no, you won’t find any advance clues on it. We were very careful about that.

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Week 33 Clues and Solution

From the Front
We loved this week’s hiding place. When Dot hid the gift in the coat tails of Charles La Trobe the other day, she came back cackling with laughter – and nursing a sore arm. We’re glad the finders didn’t get anything worse than spider webs. The gift was found by the team of @KevieD and @Jb_Au. We adore the way people combine their skills and knowledge for the hunt!

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Week 32 Clues and Solutions

@KevieD used a combination of local knowledge and ideas about the clues to find the Hidden Gift right beside the old Altona Homestead, near the beach in sunny Altona. We know it was sunny – poor Dot came back with a very nasty case of sunburn, and has promised to wear her hat from now on.

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Week 32 – Update

For those who haven’t kept up with the clues, here’s a summary of what we’ve got so far:

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