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Week 48 – Clues and Solutions for an early-found gift.

This week’s gift had been found early by a lovely lady, so we ran the hunt instead as an armchair clue-fest. And then @Cefiar worked out the location by the end of Monday! The gift had been tucked into the side of the bust of Raoul Wallenberg in Kew, at the junction of 5 roads.

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Week 47 Clues and Solution

Yay to @fpvs who used her noggin and her Image Searching (and a helpful passer-by) to pin down the site of the gift this week. It was hidden in a wall in Wicklow Lane, a small lane off Little Lonsdale St between King and William streets.

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Week 46 Clues and Solutions

Dot is thrilled that the gift was found so early, on Tuesday, by @Kevied. It was tucked into the wooden garden edging beside Spotswood Station. (We’ve got the wakies and thought we might as well post this now)

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Week 45 Lost Gift – Clues and Solutions

We are sorry that this week’s gift went a-roaming. Our congrats to those people who worked out the location, though.

Before we start on these solutions, you need to know that Macpherson Robertson was a chocolate manufacturer and a great benefactor to Melbourne. Dot decided when she chose the hiding place that she should try some of each of the products mentioned here.

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Week 44 Clues and Solutions

@Pelagikat braved the dark and cold, and went out to find the gift. It was tucked in the stones on the eastern side of the High St bridge over the Merri Creek at Westgarth.

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