Week 45 Lost Gift – Clues and Solutions

We are sorry that this week’s gift went a-roaming. Our congrats to those people who worked out the location, though.

Before we start on these solutions, you need to know that Macpherson Robertson was a chocolate manufacturer and a great benefactor to Melbourne. Dot decided when she chose the hiding place that she should try some of each of the products mentioned here.

Clue 1: The spot was specially selected. MacRobertsons High School is a selective school

Clue 2: Monday UCLPa The gift was hidden under a large log at the back of the school, but just off the school proper.

Clue 3:

My Old is Gold. MacRobertsons also made Old Gold chocolate.

Clue 4: Despite the reputation, not chokos! When Dot was young, there was a rumour that MacRobertson’s Cherry Ripe contained flavoured chokos instead of cherries. This is not true. She’s checked them personally.

Clue 5: 7065 MacRobertson Land, named after the man himself, lies at 70 S 65 E. Take your woollies.

Clue 6: Clue 2 This is a piece of brickwork near where the gift is hidden.

Clue 7:

Freddo Frogs were produced by Mac Robertson’s Sweet Factory.

Clue 8: Tree clue The tree near which the gift lies

Clue 9: BANZARE!!!! The expedition to Antarctica which named MacRobertson land was the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition. – BANZARE.

Clue 10:
The England-Australia Air Race 1934 – the prize money was put up by Mac Robertson

Clue 11: It continues. Continuation School became Melbourne High, then MacRobertson.

Clue 12: Wednesday map clue. Wednesday Map Clue (Turned slightly sideways)

The only question was:

@crennsmind Left side or right side of Clue 12? RIGHT! (And well done @fpvs who worked out we rotated the map)

So Dot gave 2 hints:

Hint 1: Closest point to the other place named for him. The gift is on the south-most area of the school footprint

Hint 2: Not quite like starting all over again. To decide to readjust your attitude and start again is to “Turn over a new leaf”. To find the gift, you need to turn over an old log.

Clue 13: What about if Bert from Sesame Street had a baby boy, and we put him in a silly picture with a crazy caption?
Macro Bert Son. (Suggested by one of the team. Dot thought it was so terrible that it had to be in!)

Clue 14: Naiads, Dryads, Nereids and Oreads These are the School houses.

Clue 15:
Grand Prix Circuit The Gift is hidden right beside the circuit.

Clue 16: Mawson-Station_Mac-Robertson-Land_Antarctica_VK0JJJ_DX-News An Aurora as seen from MacRobertson Base.

Clue 17: Clue 5 The MacRobertson School Uniform.

Clue 18: School Front Front of the School.

Clue 19: Final Pic It’s Behind You!

Good luck next week!


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