Week 46 Clues and Solutions

Dot is thrilled that the gift was found so early, on Tuesday, by @Kevied. It was tucked into the wooden garden edging beside Spotswood Station. (We’ve got the wakies and thought we might as well post this now)

Clue 1: Seventeen years since the last Koala   Koala Siding sent sand to the Spotswood Glassworks – the last train left in 1998.
Clue 2:  UGLPaUGLPb

The Standard Useless Gift Location Clue.

Clue 3:

Walk this way – Aerosmith. There’s a crossing sign just near

Clue 4: Originally wore a tie.   Original name was Spottiswoode – the extra letters spell Tie

Clue 5: Closer to the water than the other one.   The railway station at one point was called “Bayswater”. Bayswater in Melbourne is a long way from the Bay.
Clue 6:

Gordon Jackson played Mr Hudson in the original series of “Upstairs Downstairs” – the gift is hidden on Hudson St
Clue 7: Subway This sign is nearby.

We understand that many of you worked out the location from the phone number.

Clue 8: Hannibal tangles with a nest of moccasins.   “Spotswood”, the movie, starred Anthony Hopkins who had just completed “Silence of the Lambs”. “Spotswood” is about a moccasin factory.

At this point the gift was found.

Clue 9: Origin of the famous breastplate   The breastplate of Ned Kelly’s armour was originally part of a plough made by Lennon’s Agricultural Implement Works, which stood next to the local pub.
Clue 10: Spotswood1 Spotswood from “Team America – World Police”

Clue 11:  Stow Adoption Toss   This is an anagram of “Spotswood Station”
Clue 12: wednesday map The Wednesday Map Clue. the station is on the right at the top.

Clue 13: Wigand, Muriel, Brian and Hegpep put their foot in it.   Spotswood starred Russell Crowe, Toni Collette, Bruno Lawrence and Ben Mendelsohn, and those are four of their other roles.
Clue 14:

The Hudson river plane crash. (Hudson Street)
Clue 15: Cyclist dismount The crossing sign near the hiding place.

Clue 16: Edom   First name of station
Clue 17Local pub Dot went here after planting the gift

Clue 18:

Road Safety Video – the gift is near the pedestrian crossing. Also, Dot wants you to keep safe.

Clue 19:      IBH It’s behind you!

Next week it’s the CBD once more. Good luck with your search.


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