Week 47 Clues and Solution

Yay to @fpvs who used her noggin and her Image Searching (and a helpful passer-by) to pin down the site of the gift this week. It was hidden in a wall in Wicklow Lane, a small lane off Little Lonsdale St between King and William streets.

Clue 1: Catch the 133 133 bus is the main bus for the town of Wicklow in Ireland.
Clue 2: Day 1 UGLPC

The regular Useless Hidden Gift Location Post. It did, however, give the hint that it was in some very old brickwork.

Clue 3:

Jim Carter, who plays Carson the Butler in Downton Abbey, played a character called Deja Vu in the movie Top Secret. The Déjà vu bar is at the top of Wicklow Lane.

Clue 4: Pine White. The Pine White butterfly has the biological name Neophasia Menapia. The Menapia were the first settlers of Wicklow

Clue 5: Off the naughty one. Little Lonsdale Street used to have a reputation as the street where the brothels and sly grog dens were. The gift is just off it.

Clue 6:

North west Passage – north west of the CBD

Clue 7: Local grafitti This graffiti is near the gift. Nicely spotted, @fpvs!

Clue 8: Between the philanthropist and the philatelist. Wicklow Lane is between Chisholm Lane and a post office.

At this point, the gift was found.

Clue 9: The chapel of the trained dragon. Wicklow (the Irish Town) was named for a follower of St Patrick known as Toothless, who founded a church there.
Clue 10: Grills These are some local grills on the wall.

Clue 11: A Brick Wall from the movie “Village of the Damned” The gift is in a brick wall.

Clue 12:. Map Wednesday Map Clue. The lane is in the middle top area.

Clue 13: When seeking, consider eating a Yogi Bear chocolate. The old Yogi Bear Chocolate advertisements asked you to “Start at the Knees, please”. The gift is low down.
Clue 14: More Grafitti More nearby graffiti.

Clue 15: From the movie “Metropolitan” – it’s been a very Movie-full week this week! The gift is next to the Metropolitan hotel

Clue 16: £5,000 in 1953 This was the cost of the building in 1953 – the building itself is about 120 years old.
Clue 17: Stone pattern An interesting pattern on the nearby stonework.

Smart seekers will notice that we didn’t have the last two clues. I’m afraid Dot accidentally deleted the “It’s Behind You” photo and the other piece of trivia, and we were just too sick to redo it. But the gift was found and that’s the important fact.

Stay tuned for a special announcement about week 48. We’ll spill the beans on Friday.


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