Week 48 – Clues and Solutions for an early-found gift.

This week’s gift had been found early by a lovely lady, so we ran the hunt instead as an armchair clue-fest. And then @Cefiar worked out the location by the end of Monday! The gift had been tucked into the side of the bust of Raoul Wallenberg in Kew, at the junction of 5 roads.

Clue 1: First one at 101 Raoul Wallenberg was made an honorary citizen of Australia 101 years after his birth

Clue 2: UGLP A two-paned gift location pic

Clue 3:  5 ways to stop biting your nails! The gift was beside a 5 way intersection

Clue 4: In a shady spot. Kew is in the City of Boroondara. Boroondara means “Place of Shade’

At this point the gift location was guessed.

Clue 5: 205200609 The buses that go past are the 205, 200 and 609.

Clue 6:

Ernie, Bert and the Letter Q. The gift is in Kew (Q)!

Clue 7: Badge

This stamp is on the statue.

Clue 8: Dudley’s darling’s land.  Fenwick is the surname of Dudley Do-right’s girlfriend. The area was owned by Nicholas Fenwick

Clue 9: Our Mary’s been taking things she shouldn’t. The gift is at the junction of High, Denmark and Princess Streets.
Clue 10: Busted The back view of the bust.

Clue 11:  Raoul Wallenberg disappeared in Budapest
Clue 12 Map clue

Map that includes the area in the very bottom left of the picture.
Clue 13: Accident! No, deliberate! No – still there! Oh, who knows???? Some of the many theories about  Raoul Wallenberg’s death.
Clue 14: Signs

This sign may or may not have been tampered with. It does still lie to the east of the park.

Clue 15: Richard Chamberlain and Stellan Skarsgård  Both played Raoul Wallenberg in documentaries about the missing priest.

Clue 16:
“Eye Level” The gift is at eye level

Clue 17: Portrait this is Raoul Wallenberg

Clue 18: Map This map actually shows exactly where it was hidden!

Clue 19:   IBY

Hopefully our CBD gift is still intact.


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