Week 49 Clues and Solution

Dot is giving cheering happily but damply for @Camachri, who found this week’s gift under a rock at the small garden at the top of Exhibition Street, next to the Royal Society of Victoria. The fountain there is called Grant’s Fountain, and while it isn’t running now, the Google Street View shows a plastic fountain that was present during the summer.

With the last two gifts being found before the hunt started, we thought we’d better check the location (we hid it a couple of weeks ago, before our big work offsite). When we approached the little garden where it was hidden, we were worried to see that the Melbourne City Staff had landscaped the park. Luckily, though, we had hidden this gift under a very large rock, and the staff’s landscaping efforts had only covered it more securely.

And now, the clues.

Clue 1: Animal, vegetable, or mineral. The Royal Society of Victoria is beside the park, and they are a scientific organisation whose interests have often included things animal, vegetable and mineral.

Clue 2:


Standard Useless Gift Location Pictures. These pictures were taken before the landscaping took place.

Clue 3:

Little Boy Lost by Johnny Ashcroft. This song was about a small boy called Steven who went missing in northern NSW over 50 years ago, but who luckily was found after 4 days. The gift was in Exhibition Street, which was originally called Stephen Street.

Clue 4: Opposite the Orange. Opposite Exhibition Street is Rathdowne Street, named for the Very Orange Henry Monck, Earl of Rathdowne.

Clue 5: The new safety rule won’t be needed here now, but it was a few weeks ago. The fountain is dry but was running in December and January – or at least had a structure up that looked like a proper running fountain.

Clue 6:

Roll Away the Stone by Mott the Hoople. The gift was under a rock

Clue 7: small Pythagoras_similar_triangles_simplified
These triangles are the same shape as the different lanes of Exhibition Street, with the park in between. They also happen to be similar.

Clue 8: Across from where Her Majesty’s Hot Beverages used to be The Queen’s Coffee Palace was on the opposite corner.

Clue 9: Dot would have hated this home renovation – almost 100 years! The Royal Society building was started in 1859 and not finished until 1953. If only they’d had Home Renovation shows on then…

Clue 10:

Hugh Grant. The gift was in Grant Fountain, opposite Grant Lane. Despite much searching, we’ve not been able to find out who this particular Grant was.

Clue 11: The end of the journey. The Royal Society were the ones who organised the Burke and Wills Expedition, and the bodies of Burke and Wills lay here in state afterwards. This is also the end of Exhibition Street.

Clue 12: wednesday map
The Map Clue. It was upside down because that’s how it appeared on the document we got it from.

Clue 13: Where science met philosophy. The Royal Society of Victoria was formed in 1859 from a merger between The Philosophical Society of Victoria and The Victorian Institute for the Advancement of Science.

Clue 14: Mrs Hayhow needs a dressmaker In 1848, her premises were at 9 Victoria St, where the Royal Society is now

Clue 15: Ancient Fountain – the old dried fountain at the site

Clue 16: To pay for a whipping The current president of the Royal Society is Dr Bill Birch

Clue 17: Small Clean Rock This is a better shot of the rock.

Clue 18: Small clean fountain This is the dry fountain that the gift was hidden near.

Clue 19: It’s Behind You! IBU


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