Week 50 CBD Clues and Solutions


(The following solutions post was written by @Reynardo_Red, who hid the gift. She insisted!)

Huge hoorays go to @fpvs, who deciphered the clues and discovered the gift inside a repurposed downpipe in Duckboard Place, which connects to AC/DC lane and both run off Flinders Lane. And for those sceptics among you (you know who you are)1, you can see from the picture on the left that the drainpipe itself has no connection to gutters, so the only rain that would get into it was that driven by the wind into the tiny hole at the top. I was confident that it would be fine, even with our downpour on the weekend.2


Clue C-1: 3,7,9,11, 14 These are the Youtube clues in this week’s hunt. The gift is in a U-shaped laneway


The non-standard Clue Location Pics.3

Clue C-3:
Brushie Brushie Brushie. This is a clue to the artwork in the pipe – a paintbrush attached to the back of it inside. 4

C-4: Off the smaller sooty Parrot.
Little Polly Flinders sat among the cinders – Flinders Lane

Clue C-5: From the trenches to make them feel at home
Duckboard Lane is named for Duckboard House which holds the Duckboard Club, first started as a troop hangout in WWII and named for the duckboards in the trenches of WWI.

Clue C-6: Bottlecaps

This lovely piece of street art is on a wall just to the east of the hiding place. It is made of bottlecaps.

Clue C-7:
Tonka trucks – the hiding place is near the Tonka restaurant.

Clue C-8:
My apologies to Dot for this one. The picture refers to an AC/DC song called “She’s got the Jack”. I wish to advise that I only used the name “Dot” as the first female name I could think of, because not everyone realises that “Reynardo” is a woman.

Clue C-9:
Duck Season A reference to Duckboard Place.5

Clue C-10: Euro 1994 The song that won Eurovision in 1994 was “Rock and Roll Kids”. This was another reference to AC/DC lane, but also all the nightclubs in the area. 6

Clue C-11:
The Magic Drainpipe. The gift is inside a drainpipe.

And at this point the gift was found.
Clue C-12: Wed Map clue

The U shaped pair of laneways is off Flinders Lane on the right hand side of the picture, between Russell and Exhibition Sts.

Clue C-13: To the east of the handbag. There’s a quilted handbag on one of the ledges here. It’s actually made of concrete and it’s cool

Clue C-14: Playing Duckboard. I needed to get more obvious with the clues.

Clue C-15: Easier up while down than down while up. There’s an old joke about “What goes up a drainpipe down, but not down a drainpipe up?” The answer is “An Umbrella” and is my attempt to beat Dot’s bad joke and pun limits. And to refer to the drainpipe.

Clue C-16: Use a full-wave diode rectifier. This is the circuit you’d use to convert AC to DC
Clue C-17: Bon

Bon Scott, as portrayed at the entrance to AC/DC lane. Although if you hadn’t worked it out by now…
Clue C-18:
This is the Living End. When they played in Duckboard Lane, it was renamed (for one night only) to Living End Lane.

Clue C-19: It’s Behind You!


So the gift is inside where this brush is, just above it.

Hardest thing about being a guest elf? Trying to hide the gift with all these people around – the lane is where everyone comes for their smokos. Not to mention the people taking pictures of all the artwork. At least I looked normal taking pictures as well.

If people have some spare time and want to see a lot of rather interesting street art, this little set of lanes is pretty good. A lot of the art is ephemeral – to be honest, this building is undergoing renovations, and I was worried the wall might even get pulled down before the gift was found. But I can see why Mel and Dot enjoy doing the Gift. I learned a lot about just one corner of Melbourne, and saw some amazing pictures. I’ll put a few at the bottom here, but seriously, go and see them.

Green HeadRainbow Burger Toothless It's the Monkey in Me

1. Yes, @Cefiar, I’m looking at you.
2. But of course I was still nervous enough to check.
3. See? That’s a good Clue Location Pic. You can see exactly what’s going on … oh shut up
4. And a shoutout to my Brony friends.
5. And a shoutout to my Devilbunnies friends.
6. And a yell to my fellow Eurovision tragics. Yes, @Camachri, I’m looking at you. 7
7. Ain’t I a stinker!


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