Week 50 Zone 1 Clues and Solutions

This week’s Zone 1 gift was hidden by @Crennsmind, who persuaded Dot by the amazingness of his hiding place that perhaps trees aren’t that bad. He tucked the gift inside the metal anti-possum ring on a tree near the Melbourne Museum, in Carlton just north of the CBD. And @Zteve1 tracked down the gift, checking many trees in the process.

Clue Z-1: Something that happened in the past could give you a clue for the future.
The Melbourne Museum currently has an exhibit on World War 1, the gift is hidden behind the Museum.

Clue Z-2a and Z-2b:


Clue Z-3:

There is a tennis club/courts (Carlton Gardens Tennis Club) not too far from where the gift is hidden.
Clue Z-4: Clue4 Nearby wildlife.

Clue Z-5:

There is a green fence near the tree where the gift has been hidden, also the park was very much green, even though there was a lot of fallen leaves around

Clue Z-6: Might as well have a play while you think over the clues

There is a playground and basketball court near the trees

Clue Z-7Clue7

The cracks should be unique enough to show the gift is nearby, makes sure to give a point of reference to the area the gift is nearby

Clue Z-8: You might need a pen and paper for this one!

 A = 96 which represents the tram route and B = 13 which represents the closest stop number to the gift. This one is a little evil in a sense as Partial Fractions were taught in Specialist Maths and my engineering degree, but if needed I’ll do a quick video explaining how to solve a different example. This link is particularly helpful: http://www.mathsisfun.com/algebra/partial-fractions.html

Here is the solution:


Clue Z-9:  Clue9

This is actually very close to where the gift is, another good point of reference for gift hunters


Clue Z-10Clue10 Another piece of local artwork.

Clue Z-11: Out of the old and into the new in 2000
The Melbourne Museum as we know it opened its doors on 21 October 2000; previously it was located next to the state library.

At this point the gift was found.

Clue Z-12:  Clue12 The Melbourne Museum is in the bottom left corner, and the gift is just above it.

Clue Z-13: Looks like a piece of modern art


The modern design and construction of the Melbourne Museum stands out from anything else in Melbourne, this picture was taken near the front of the Melbourne Museum on the Nicholson street side.

Clue Z-14: It’s almost a case of X marks the spot On the map, the middle of the X behind the museum is 20m away from where the gift is located.

Clue Z-15: Sometimes more dimensions are desired There is an IMAX theatre attached to the Melbourne Museum showing a range of 3D movies
Clue Z-16: Clue16

Clue Z-17:Clue17

Clue Z-18:   It’s back there somewhere It is behind the Melbourne Museum
Clue Z-19: It’s behind you!


Many thanks to @Crennsmind who put this Zone 1 hunt together, took all the photos and made up all the clues.


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