Week 51 – Clues and Solution

Another set of cheering and clapping for @Cefiar, who found the gift tucked into a grille at the back of a restaurant, in Caledonia Lane near the loading dock for the Emporium. The building is number 237 Swanston Street. Caledonia Lane is named for a pub that used to be nearby, which was named after the old word for Scotland.

We hope Cefiar didn’t find the place as smelly as we did. We’re also amazed that, despite the large numbers of smokers in the lane, not one person paid any attention to our prowling and gift-hiding. Dot must have learned how to become invisible!

Clue 1: Old Pebble New Caledonia’s main island is called “Le Caillou”, which means “the pebble

Clue 2: UHGLP

The gift was tucked behind the screen at the back of the shop

Clue 3:
Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear. There’s a sticker of dancing bears on the place where the gift is hidden.

Clue 4: Carney can’t like it. Shaun Carney of The Age hated the development opposite
Clue 5: Below the beard The Beard
This paper graffiti is just above the hiding place.

Clue 6:
Scotland the Brave – Caledonia is the old name for Scotland.

Clue 7: Killer Bunny The Killer Bunny – another of the grafitti pieces around the lane.

Clue 8: Lit up in 1861. The extreme crime rate in the areameant that the council called for a light in the lane.
Clue 9: Freight

This is an old hoist at the back of the building where the gift is hidden. A lot of the older buildings around Melbourne have these at the back, to help lift goods into the warehouses and workshops.

Clue 10: Home of the New Snakadaktal
Sean Heathcliff from Snakadaktal has a new project called Kagu. The Kagu is the name of the endemic bird of New Caledonia.

Clue 11: Could not claim “No Canvassers” Morgans was the business there for many years, selling camping goods, including canvas tents
Clue 12: Wednesday map clue
The Wednesday Map Clue. This is from an old Melways, and as @Cefiar’s clever question emphasised, the laneways then are not what they are today. Caledonia Lane, however, still exists.

There were two questions.

First question from @fpvs: Is it between Little Bourke St and Little Collins St? NO – the gift lies between Little Bourke and Lonsdale.

Question 2 from @cefiar: Is the lane/street/whatever actually displayed on the map? (Rather than say, within the confines of the map). YES. We shall have to think hard on whether we want to use that map any more!

At this point the gift was found.

Clue 13: Hard Footed This is where the word “Caledonia” came from.
Clue 14: Anagram

An anagram of “Caledonia La”, on the street sign.

Clue 15: Greenhead More amazing graffiti nearby. This one showed up in Google Image Search, and would have helped a lot. .

Clue 16: Behind the child or the primate? The gift was at the back of a noodle restaurant. This refers to “Noodles” from the Offspring (child) and “Noodle” from Gorillaz
Clue 17: Caledonia lane

This is the street sign that was scrambled for the anagram.

Clue 18: map 18 An aerial view of the location.

Clue 19:    IBU  It’s behind you!

Next week is week 52! It’ll be in Zone 1 somewhere, and stay tuned to our twitter for an important announcement next week after the gift is found!



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