Week 52 – Clues and Solutions.

Cheers once more to @Zteve1, who asked a friend about local large turtles, and found the Gift tucked in the back of a sign in the Yarra Valley Parklands, just down the path from the Bulleen Art and Garden Shop.

We’d like to point out that the maps we checked showed that Zones 1&2 finished just to the south side of Manningham Road West. Some other maps show that it finished at the Yarra. Our apologies – we thought it was such a cool hiding place that we couldn’t let it go.

Clue 1: A very special school started near here. The Heidelberg School of painting started in this area, as the artists were entranced by the natural Australian landscapes and the special quality of the light.

Clues 2a and 2b:


there was just enough room between the post and the sign itself. Alas, the local eight-legged resident was guarding it fiercely, and @Zteve1 had to persuade her to relinquish it.

Clue 3:

Borderline by Madonna. The gift is right on the border of Zones 1+2, and also the border of Manningham and Darebin councils

Clue 4: The second one that says nothing . The signs on this section of the footpath are blank. (We think vandals tore off the descriptive labels). This sign was the second one down the footpath.

Clue 5: Lots of lyrebirds The suburb is Bulleen, which comes from the nearby Bolin Bolin (Buln Buln) Billabong. Buln Buln means “Lyrebird” in a local dialect of the Woiwarrung people.

Clue 6:

“Duck and Cover” is an old Nuclear Warning cartoon, featuring Bert the Turtle. As @Zteve1 correctly worked out, this refers to the sculpture at the Art and Garden Centre, which is a huge turtle. turtle

Clue 7: Snakehead
Another of the sculptures at the top of the path.

Clue 8: Too thin to plough, too thick to drink. This expression, rumoured to have been written by Mark Twain, refers to a number of muddy rivers. It has been applied to the Yarra.

Clue 9: Why shalt wily vegetarian? sign2

This is an anagram of “Healthy Living Water Ways”, a sign near the pathway.

Clue 10: wheel

This part of the ironwork on the gate at the top of the pathway.

Clue 11:

“Give me a Home among the Gum Trees”. While Dot couldn’t quite bring herself to hide the gift in a tree, she had to admit that the trees are rather pretty. There are a lot of lovely trees around near the gift.

Clue 12: Wed Map
The Wednesday Map Clue, showing the park area on the middle right hand side of the map.

There was one question, from @Zteve1: “Is the gift south of banksia st Heidelberg?” YES – if you extend Banksia St further east, you can see that the park is to the south of it. When Banksia Street crosses the Yarra, it becomes Manningham Road West.

In addition, there were two (probably superfluous) hints from Dot:

Hint 1: It depends which map you look at. We might be slightly out of bounds, so to speak. We were right on the edge of the Zone 1/2 area.

Hint 2: Look for the one six before, not one after the song. There’s a Beatles song called “One after 909”. The gift was hidden just near the route (and bus stops) for the 903 bus.

At this point (and within seconds), the gift was found.

Clue 13: Right on the edge. Again, right on the edge of both the council areas and of the zones.

Clue 14:

Shawn Manningham – the park is just to the south of Manningham Road West.

Clue 15: On the yarra near Heidelberg
One of the paintings by the local Heidelberg School of the river bank not far from where the gift was hidden.

Clue 16: The old Jewish area of Bradford. This is where the name “Manningham” comes from.

Clue 17:

This is the Bulleen Art and Garden Shop at the top of the pathway.
Clue 18: IBHa

This is where the footpath is, just to the east of the Yarra.

Clue 19: IBH
It’s Behind You! (That is, it’s behind this sign!)

Stay tuned, because there will be an important announcement about the gift tomorrow morning.



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