Week 44 Clues and Solutions

@Pelagikat braved the dark and cold, and went out to find the gift. It was tucked in the stones on the eastern side of the High St bridge over the Merri Creek at Westgarth.

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Week 43 – Clues and Solution

Hooray and cheers to @Zteve1 who found this week’s gift in the Mingary Peace Garden at St Michaels on Collins St. Kudos also to @fpvs who worked out the location, and especial thanks to St Michael’s!

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Week 42 Clues and Solutions

Hooray and happy cheers again for @Fpvs, who once more has found the Hidden Gift by knowing her local history! It was tucked in the ironwork of the South Melbourne Railway Station bridge.

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Week 41 Clues and Solutions

Congrats and huge whistles of joy for @fpvs who found the gift for the first time. It was hidden under a rock outside the volunteer offices of The Alfred Hospital in the southern end of the CBD.

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Week 40 Zone 2 Clues and Solution

Big cheers to @SamStreetr who found the Zone 2 Gift in this massive Week 40! It was tucked behind the noticeboard at the top of the walkway to Puffing Billy, in Belgrave. Dot hid this one, and hoped that no-one would find it before the hunt began.

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Week 40 Zone 1 Clues and Solutions

Congrats to @Reynardo_Red and @Camachri, who found the Zone 1 gift beside Hartwell Station on the Alamein line after following a number of leads and slowly eliminating the other possibilities.

The team of @Pelagikat and @Cefiar hid this gift, and certainly applied great geekish knowledge to create the clues.

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Week 40 CBD Gift – Clues and Solution

This week was full of excitement, and once @RebeccaMCC19 found the gift, the joy level flew even higher!

This gift was hidden by the team of @JB_AU and @KevieD, who decided on the Alexandra Gardens on the south side of the Yarra for their hiding place. Thank you for your hard work as Guest Elves, gentlemen!

At this point, Dot would like to emphasise that all bad puns and terrible jokes are the fault of these two completely. She has taught them well!

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Week 39 Clues and Solution

For only the third time in Hidden Gift Melbourne History, the gift has been found on the first day. (The last ones were Week 17 and Week 21). @Bronwyn_Gray applied the Little Gray Cells and worked out that the gift was tucked in behind a drainpipe at the Melbourne City Baths in Swanston St. (The drainpipe was actually on Victoria St).  Read More…

Week 38 Clues and Solution

Well done to @Ian_Periwinkle and @Reynardo_Red who found the gift in the grounds of Digital Harbour, at the end of La Trobe St in the Docklands.

It was tucked under some rocks in a rock garden. Originally it was under a safety mat, but we changed that two weeks ago because it looked like it might get moved. (Don’t worry – the place is always fixed before the clues start rolling)

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Week 37 Clues and Solutions

Well done to @nomdeplumeofamy who located the gift in the memorial garden to the Burnley Tunnel Fire, down on Gosch’s Paddock, next to the AAMI stadium.

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