Week 17 Clues and Solutions.

With the fastest retrieval in the history of the Gift, @ScanAustralia found it on the very first day, tucked under the parapet of the fence around the Angel sculpture in the Birrarung Marr park beside the Yarra.

Clue 1: One in a hundred.  When opened in 2002, the park was the first public space created in the City of Melbourne for 100 years.

Clue 2: Angel 20

The seagull is sitting on the fence, almost directly above where the gift was hidden. It was tucked up in the top right hand corner here.

Clue 3:
“Happy Birthday Helen” by Things of Stone and Wood is a celebration of all things Melbourne. They start with talking about a walk along the Yarra. The gift was on one of those walks.

Clue 4: On the east, score west.  “A Score” is 20. The fence has several partitions on it. The gift was in the 20th partition counting from the easternmost.

And at this point the gift was found. We believe Dot will be having a serious talk with the Elves tonight, but she’s a bit scatterbrained herself, and we shall reveal why later this week.

The clues that were lined up and which won’t be used:

Clue 5: Created in 1985, evicted in 1999, rehoused in 2006. The statue called “Angel” was originally in front of the National Gallery, but was moved when renovations happened. It was placed in its current position in 2006.

Clue 6:
Robbie Williams with “Angels”. This of course refers to the Angel sculpture, but by a strange co-incidence, the elves were placing the gift as people were walking past after the Robbie Williams Concert this week.

Clue 7: XX marks the spot. Not only is XX the Roman Numeral for “20”, but this was scrawled in the dust of the hiding place.

Clue 8: The bank in the mist.  The name “Birrarung Marr” means The River Bank in the Mist.

Clue 9: Deco-rated

This beautiful engraving was in the granite water fountain just nearby.

Clue 10: Wednesday Map Clue.    Wednesday clue 3 map

The Angel sculpture is almost exactly where the k in “Birrarung Marr Park” is on this map.

Clue 11: 20 000 feet. The Air Force expression “Angels” means “Thousand Feet”. In other words, “20 000 feet” is announced as “Angels 20”. The Gift was hidden in the 20th bay near the Angel sculpture.

Clue 12:  Eye of Newt

This is a close up of a part of the sculpture.

Clue 13: The Cockney version?

The gift is hidden very near the Bells in Birrarung Marr. To be a Cockney, you should be born within hearing of the bells of St Mary-le-Bow.

Clue 14:

Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells”. Another reference to the bells on the hill

Clue 15: Birrarung Marr

Say hello to the Angel sculpture.

Next week we’re in Zone 1 again. Stay tuned for amazing news and perhaps the unmasking of one of our members.


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