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Dot’s famous again!

And this time it’s a newspaper article.  It’ll be available in print this week.

We’re still not really in the office, but we thought we’d share this with you, because Dot does love the publicity.


The elves are having a break.

Leave Application

This landed on our desk yesterday. The elves have packed up their desks, slapped down the leave application, and left.

It’s almost quiet for once.

So, as we require the services of the elves (and especially Dot, without whom we couldn’t run), we acceded to their demand and let them have next week off.

Tonight we’re going to set the auto-tweeter, shut down the computers and lock the door. You’ll see a tweet every day at 9am, but we’re going to be away until just before Cup week. Expect our regular rush of tweets from the 2nd November. If you’ve got any questions, we’ll try and answer them, but it might be delayed a while.

Have fun, and try not to break Twitter while we’re away.

Week 21 Clues and Solution

Another fast find by @zsteve01, who located the gift today tucked behind a drainpipe at the St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. This is his second find, and we’re delighted for him!

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Week 20 Zone 2 Clues and Solution

We won’t be hiding the gift in Zone 2 very often – perhaps twice a year – but as it was our 20th week, we decided to pick an area where we knew there were a lot of Hidden Gift hunters: Bacchus Marsh.

The gift was tucked on the outside of the fence around Maddingley Park, right beside a gate that is opposite the Bacchus Marsh train station. We were hoping that the local council didn’t decide to clean up the fallen leaves in the week from when we placed it, and we would have liked to have hidden it inside the park, but we weren’t sure if the park was open at night.

Clever gift-hunter @Twoshea80 deduced the location, and picked it up on Thursday morning around 9am.

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Week 20 CBD Clues and Solution

First-time finder @Crennsmind located the CBD gift what was tucked into a window just off Franklin St. Well done!

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Week 20 Zone 1 Clues and Solutions

This week has three gifts, and the Zone 1 gift was found on Tuesday afternoon by @Cefiar, at the Great Petition Sculpture in Burston Reserve at the back of State Parliament. The gift had been placed there by our guest elf for the week, @JustJimWillDo, who had also taken all the photographs and created the clues.

Please note that this means that all the pictures shown on this post are owned by @JustJimWillDo, and available by Creative Commons, Attribution, NonCommercial use, because although Jim is a professional, quality photographer, he is also very generous. It also means that any rude comments comparing the quality of these shots to Dot’s usual offerings will be ignored.

It being our 20th week, and therefore a little special, three weeks ago we approached Jim and asked him if he would like to Elf for us. He very kindly agreed, and proceeded to create a treasure hunt that was more than worthy!
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Week 19 Clues and Solution

This week’s gift was hidden on the very fringes of the CBD, but was still found by @ScanAustralia in the afternoon of Day 2. Well done – nicely sleuthed.

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So you think you can be an elf?

More to the point, do you have what it takes to hide a gift in the CBD?

Read on!

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The Rules Post

(Because all the cool kids have one)

Hello there!

This is a brief summary of the rules for taking part in the Melbourne Hidden Gift hunt.

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Week 18 – Clues and Solution

The elves are cheering a grand “Hooray” to the team of @Cefiar and @Hornmaths, whose combined brainpower deduced correctly that the Gift was hidden in the brickwork of the carpark beside Middle Brighton Station.

This week was the first week with all the new followers, and we were watching anxiously to see if the gift would be snatched up again on the first day, or would remain in hiding for a little longer. We were rather alarmed when super-sleuth @ScanAustralia sounded as if he were heading straight to it – but either this was a cunning double- or triple-bluff, or we really had managed to misdirect sufficiently to avoid another first-day finding.

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